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Pictureless Friday

Wow... this year my blog has just been really quiet. I mean, really quiet. While I was digging through my files, looking for pictures to upload... I realize I don't have any because all my best and most creative ideas.. well... happened last year. Baking has kinda slowed down this year, why?

Well firstly I'm older and probably more mature, and therefore less giddy with excitement and creativity beyond bounds, meaning I don't drop everything and run to the kitchen to bake new stuff every day.

Secondly I've become more frugal-conscious, which means I try not to turn on the oven so much, because the price of electricity... is whew - crazy!

Thirdly, as a result of that, I've picked up a great number of new hobbies this year - sewing by hand, historical sewing, cooking, nutrition, healthy baking, knitting, crochet, and different home-crafts other than baking. Well, it's just that knitting with chopsticks and RM2 yarn, is well, a lot cheaper than firing up the huge and fancy oven, which I treasure.

But that doesn't mean I stopped baking. In fact, I've been developing some new ideas and recipes. I've been doing a lot of herb-related things, and got my garden going. I mdke salve, tinctures, and herb butter blends.. I baked chicken and rice. And I've been doing lots and lots of reading on homesteading, wilderness baking.. and building my own oven... I think video is going to be a really neat and cool new way of sharing information on the internet. The blog world is abuzz and alive with great bakers, and photographers. If I want an edge I've gotta be presenting some new and sustainable concept.

But this friday won't be too pictureless meantime. To prove to the world, that I have not lost my interest in baking... walah (the Malaysia "voila")... a baking activity in India (baking in India was an experience in itself I can tell you that)

(Photographs by PL)

Outdoors with the sun shining, the dogs under the counter, the flies swarming, the chickens rummaging, without measuring scale, measuring cup,  but with a splendid team of most enthusiastic and helpful cooks, who couldn't keep their fingers of the cadbury...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Using Lemons and Limes

1)      Wash well
a.       Pesticides, wax
b.      Sterilize with ozone
2)      Grate rind
a.       Microplane grater – careful!
b.      Save to make cake – Rose Levy Berabaum’s Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake
3)      Squeeze juice
a.       Knife/Fork
4)      Lemon Honey Drink
a.       1 tbsp lemon
b.      100ml water
c.       1 tbsp honey (to taste)
                                                              i.      Stir all with a plastic/wooden spoon and drink fresh
1.       Good to start the day with
5)      Plant seeds       
a.       Rinse seeds in a sieve (prevent fungi)
b.      Plant fresh in soil
6)      Lemon Hair Rinse/Household Cleaner
a.       Take lemon skins, soak in a jar of (preferably) warm water
b.      Infuse some herbs in
c.       Use!
7)      Compost Lemon and Lime skins