Friday, May 29, 2009

Cupple 'o' Cuppies and Cuppie Class

Joy's cuppies

My cupcakes

Deb's cuppacakkes
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These are pics from last Sat. Deb, Reb, and Joyce went over for a cuppie class by Miss Eunice from Dolce Cupcakes. Do check out web. Anyway, the great sifu Miss Eunice taught us buttercream swirls and roses, fondant piggies, and other things. Yes, I did buy a Wilton 1m from Chang Tung on the way home! Even had dessert of crunchy, crumbly, Apple crumble... yums. Thanks Eunice for the class. Hope for another class soon!

My Fahsion Piggy:

Anyway, that night I came from church with a huge but fun task - 49 cuppies for churcht tmrw. Used the swirls and fondant skills.

The set:

Design 1: The swirl... or whatever it's called!

Design 2 A star-tip flower with a choc curl... for aunties who don't like too much frosting!

Design 3: Fondant flowers (see above, they are the white ones)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aunty Annes... Anyone?

This little discovery was fueled when my bored bro bought an AA's Pretzel for, horror of horrors {insert high and inflated price}. Then came the search, and thanks to CDkitchen, I now have a full-fledged AA pretzel recipes. Slaved for TWO HOURS on my feet rolling out the pretzekl dough and I can assure u the first few looks nothing like Auntie's.
Started with this:

Rolled out this:

Baked these:

Got these:

Mmm... Made then last night... and almost finished by now. Bro loves them and they taste the same, maybe better than Aunty's Annes. Love them fresh out of the oven and brushed with globs of melted butter.