Monday, May 5, 2014

Baking with Michelle

Making profiteroles... Michelle is really fun to bake with, and takes lovely, lovely pictures.

Bazaar Baking

I sold some desserts at a bazaar last year, and this year's bazaar is just over, so you can imagine how long ago that was. Well, here y'go.

Cupcake Order

Brianne ordered these cupcakes for a birthday party. Nothing too elaborate, just soft chocolate cake with melted chocolate on top. I always make a huge mess with melted chocolate and thank God they came out looking decent.

Solvang Bakery

Solvang is a lovely, sweet, Danish town in California. We took a trip there, and here's me in front of the bakery. I basically look like a wreck, because its around Halloween and its starting to get cold, well, as cold as it can get for Halloween in North California, which isn't really that cold. Compared to my beloved, humid, damp and sunny tropical home, it was freezing. I sneezed without end. My hair was dry. My feet started peeling. I got backaches I never got before. So yes, the weather and climate suited me naught and I basically wore a winter coat and mittens every second I spent outdoors even though it wasn't winter. That being said, everything else was totally fun and amazing and lovely.

Mother made me a mashed potato and mincemeat cake for my birthday, because I love potatoes most of all the vegetables (or foods) in the entire world. There were even bacon bits instead of sprinkles. It was awesomely good.

Long Hiatus

Well, it's been a couple of YEARS since I've blogged. Partly because I bake a lot less often now. In fact, I cook more often, simply because I can't justify the costs of baking - electricity, butter, etc. And also because I'm in college.

I made THREE roast turkeys for Christmas last year. It was awesomely fun and I love decorating turkeys with herbs and spices and secret *ahem* ingredients.

Grilled potato skins - one of my favorite dishes to do, and can be done very easily!