Friday, July 24, 2009

Cakies... cakies.... oopsie

These pretty roses sit nicely on the cake, don't they? And doesn't this cake have a story?

It's Le Chocolat' Muse Ccovered with swiss meringue buttercream, and topped with lotsa roses. For Pastor and his family.

Took this sweetie cake to church, hurried through the deco so could get it there in time, and these pictures were hurried. Got it safely into the fridge and after service, some1 found the cake had somehow slid and knocked the side of the box, and got diplaced plus smearing cream all over the box..... ok oni on 1side... but I stayed cool "Ok I'll take it home to fix and bring it back for service tomorrow morning" good thing I have extra icing in the fridge! Came back and fixed it up real fine! I took my time that night and next morning to smooth the sides perfectly.... looked even better but alas, no pictures... so imagine thisn ice and smooth and you get the picture :)

Some corny muffins... supposedly Kenny Rogers clone. Nice, and fluffy full of corn

Cheesecake for Yeye and Mama's Anniversary. Lemon cheesecake topped with ganache and strawberries. On the way to their house the cake slide and the precarious ganache started sliding out so I drizzled extra ganache around the sides and it looked yummy, but bad photos with my handheld.... so this is it - imagine this with drops of choclate oozing everywhere and you get the picture. On my blog, you need a lot of imagnation and my photo-taking talents hasn't arrived yet.

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