Friday, March 10, 2017

Edwardian Costume, Part 1

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This is a costume that has taken a long time to put together. However, it is finally complete and I couldn't be more excited, which explains why I'm up at 1am writing about it, and why I spent the day wearing it for no good reason. It's an incredibly versatile

1) No, it ain't 100% historically accurate.
First things first, I have to say that despite appearances, there are aspects to this costume that makes it a costume and not a historical reproduction. I'm not going for historical accuracy. In fact, I'm going to be completely honest and admit that I'm not even wear a corset. Everything underneath and most of the stuff you see is actually modern. It appears historical to most people, and that's what I'm happy to have for now because I'm very new to actual costuming despite studying it for years.

 2)Asian inspiration
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There were Asian people in Thailand, Phillipines and most notably Japan who were wearing Western fashions during the time period I'm looking at.
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 3) Costuming Possibilities

With a versatile costume like this, I could mix and match pieces to transform myself into an urchin, factory girl, schoolmarm, governess, suffragette, nurse, or cook. I could use this s base for musical theatre roles like Mary Poppins, Eliza Doolittle, or any of Tevye's daughters.

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