Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flaky, Savoury, Olive Oil Pastry

3 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup water
1 cup olive oil
Salt, pepper, chilli flakes/paprika/cayenne pepper, and Italian herbs to taste

1) Mix 1 2/3 cup of the flour with the water and 1/3 cup olive oil to form a smooth dough
2) In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the flour (1 1/3 cup) with the rest of the olive oil (2/3 cup) to form a smooth paste
3) Divide the dough into four portions
4) Sprinkle flour onto your work surface. Roll a 1/4 inch thick circle with one portion. Spread a quarter of the olive oil and flour paste in the center, leaving a 3 to 4 inch border along the sides of the circle.
5) Fold the sides of the circle into the center, enclosing the olive oil and flour paste. Pinch and seal.
6) Shape and roll the pastry into a long rectangle about 4 inches wide.
7) Use your hands to roll it from one end to the other like a swiss roll cake, into a cylinder. You should be rolling down the length of the pastry.
8) Chill the rolled pastry in a fridge for about half an hour. Repeat with the other three portions.
9) Flatten the cylinder and roll it gently into a rectangle between wax paper, cling wrap, and food-safe plastic bags. Fold the rectangle in thirds ( the letter fold) once or twice if you want it to be less flaky and more firm (ie. for a quiche)
10) The pastry can be used for many savoury recipes such as meat pies, quiches, pasties and turnovers.
It's crispy, delicious and low in saturated fat! Plus it has only three basic ingredients and can be made very easily. You can skip the chilling in Step 8, actually.


  1. Hi
    Do you mean 'Puffy' (like puff pastry) when you say 'flaky'? - I wonder because the more folds on usual puff pastry, the more layers you get, but on your post you say that if you role more times (letter fold) it will get thicker??? - Is that correct?
    I'm very interested in chinese like water & oil Pastry because I need a easy puf pastry like for making Portuguese Custard Tarts and I prefer Olive oil to butter, besides traditional French puff pastry demanding lots of time and I just want a base for the custard tarts. Thanks for the video & recipe.

  2. Hi Bizlep,

    It does come out like puff pastry, maybe with not as many fine layers. If you chill between rolling, you will get more flaky layers. However, if you keep folding like I did, the layers will become mixed up and you'll get something like short crust pastry. Hope this makes sense!

    (I love Portuguese tarts too - you should be able to find Chinese-type pastries for Portuguese egg tarts ie. Singaporean or Malaysian recipes)