Monday, September 28, 2009

Sushi... sushi,... sushi??

Cute? This was my next order from lady who ordered my first cake. She requested for the sushi deco to be packaged seperately so she could place them on the cake with some banner or something.

All these sushies as made out of chocolate plastic, rolled buttercream and fondant, so naturally they don't look EXACTLY like real sushi.

What do these look like? Fish eyeballs? Chocolate stuffed with green tea jelly?

Calamari ring with crabmeat and wasabi?

Rolled two colors of choc plastic togather. CHoc plastic with just a hint of black gel coloring is pure black! SO this is supposed to be jerky with wasabi

Sorry for the blurness... soy bean sushi with wasabi wrapped in seaweed?

My favorite - and, according to my aunt, the only one who actually looks like sushi! The crabstick is made with rolled buttercream rolled up and painted!

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