Saturday, September 5, 2009


Banana Pops – Cake Pops of the Future

Cake pops… think sticky, think cream cheese, think rich and stuffing, think of the endless stuggle to get them to stay ON the stick… think of pros. Think of copying other ppl’s ideas? But ever heard of Banana pops? Nope, I’m sure u haven’t ‘cos it’s something new… an accident really, that turned out to be something quite interesting.

Pudding pops are great stuff for beginners because it really requires no mess. Banana pops are chewy, soft, and can even be molded. That why they’re invading the Cake Pop Kingdom.

What are they? Okay I’ll tell you. It’s this.

That started like this (ignore the waffle)

Gooey mushy cake. If you want to try this, do the recipe here: , BUT FORGET THE BAKING SODA… Try it out first, don’t make too much.

I was sooo tired and disappointed when my cake didn’t turn out. So upset with myself that I tortured me into stuffing these down my throat every day for a week. A week later, I wanted to try cake pops, so I popped the mush of a cake into the blender for a session.

The minute I lifted off the cover I was in a surprise. The bits of cake had separated into little crumbies like shortbread dough in a food processor. I quickly got a bowl and poured them out, rolled the whole thing into a ball, and there:

So here are some banana pops:

And why not some rainbow-colored ones for children? It’s like fondant, except not so stretchy and pliable, but MUCH easier to work with than crumbly sticky cake pops. It’s pretty much like working with pie dough.

Set them on a tray:

You can coat them with chocolate,


Make them into roses:

And more! Just try it out and tell me what you think.

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