Saturday, April 30, 2011

Challah for Shabbat

The joy of Shabbat dinner is one of sharing, and breaking the bread of fellowship. 

We had and a milchig-free dinner! All meat and no milk ;) parve challah served with honey, or balsamic vinegar, rosemary and olive dip. Mummy whipped up a colorful salad, and baked roast chicken (seasoned with herbs (esp rosemary olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, etc. - no butter ;0 )

A milchig dessert, Dream Whip rose, a chocolate ice-cream cake (Rose Levy Beranbaum's cocoa souffle roll layered with banana, nestle choc ice cream, and drizzled with hersheys ). Daddy, as usual, made double shot espressos. 

This is our second "kosher" meal. We cannot keep kashrut laws (even Cold Storage has few items marked "K"), and we cannot observe the 613 mitzvot, nor do we strive to, but it is fun and natural to share our table with love, hospitality, and kosher-inspired food :).

Read more about Challah here:

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