Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Unique Purim Twist

Do you love eating mooncake skin during the Chinese Mooncake festival? Well, here's a twist for you! Mooncake skin, sweet apple/honey filling, and haman's-hat-shapes. These triangular confections are sweetly unique - appropriate for any festivity, but especially for Purim.


  1. Those look good! Jocelyn made them once but they didn't look quite as good as yours do. ;) Looks wonderful!

  2. Shalom shalom Rachel! - Is this the ones Jocelyn made? I discovered too that the appropriately-textured dough must be used. I was so afraid of making the triangle shapes because they look so intricate, but it turned out to be so simple. Here's a pareve recipe: the one that I used.

    Mind you, it doesn't taste like buttery or crumbly Western cookies, more like a syrup-flavoured decidedly oriental moist dough that retains it shape very well, even most intricate shapes like roses, and doesn't rise in the oven at all, yet is not hard and bakes to a deep dark brown. Very suitable for filling with sweet fillings and for rolling out into all sorts of shapes. It's lots of fun, soft and pliable, like play-dough to shape.

    Alkaline water is a potassium carbonate and sodium bi-carbonate solution. I see you're the baker in the family and I love reading your blog!