Friday, June 10, 2016

Baking LIVE! And homemade disgestives

A couple of weeks ago I did a live baking sesh - it was quite fun, and having it live actually increased the views from my average of 12 to about 60  unique views, so cool! I hope there aren't any creepy stalkers watching it! Even if there are, there's nothin but scraping, kneading, etc. etc.

In this video, I make Nesle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin scones and the Guardian's perfect digestive biscuits recipe.

I have waxed lyrical about Guardian UK recipes in the past, but this is another love of mine - their digestive biscuits (more like whole wheat oat biscuits) are amazing, addictive and easy to make. EASIER than apple pie.

Cue. Instagram. Photo. S.
Oat biscuits... #sogood #weekendbaker
Chocolate chip cookies and digestive oatmeal biscuits #cookies #baking #bakingmoments  #chocolate  #chocolatechip  #butter  #flour #kitchen

What are digestives? They are the British/Commonwealth equivalent of Graham Crackers. We have them for tea, dunk them in milk, dip them in chocolate, crush them into crumbs to make cheesecake bases.

I literally can survive on these for a long time!  

Why are they called "disgestives?" Watch this Great British Bake Off reel to find out:

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