Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Baker is Back! (With Scottish Tablets)

Cosplaying as a 19th Century Baker at GeekCon2016. Yes, I went to see BvS, and yes I will post a review of that soon.

Hi! This is Beka, and I haven't blogged properly for a long, long time but I'm going to start doing that again. I've evolved over the years and hopefully the upcoming posts will reflect that. I shall be posting everyone from holidays, to crafts and cooking, to musical theatre... so yeah, if you like reading random fun stuff, do check back here or "follow" my blog using Google Reader (if you guys still use that nowadays)

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Sneak Peek: Here are some Scottish Tablets I baked "confectioned" today.

Homemade candy~tablet fudge~buttery, crumbly, sugary, and heavenly #scottishtablet #sweets #candymaking #candy #butter
These are my official favourite/favorite candies or sweets besides chocolates. In my country, we use the words candies and sweets interchangeably, and since my education was an eclectic international mix, I'm totally comfy with either.

Why are Scottish Tablets so amazing? They are, that's why. I love butter! They aren't smooth like fudge or toffee, they're grainy, sandy, and melt in your mouth. They are so good.

We discovered Scottish Tablets in Cold Storage, an international grocer that I love for one reason in particular - bargain bin slashed prices. We have any supermarket here, Tesco, that also marks down the prices of stuff that's going to due, but Cold Storage has cool stuff, stuff that you wouldn't normally buy. I was in IKEA with my gang (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and brother - we do everything together) when my uncle decided to get this tin of "Scottish Candies" that was on sale Mummy and daddy took a bite, but it was my uncle, my brother and myself who finished it.

It was good. So good, I looked up the recipe on the internet and the rest is history. Being *a bit* of a hoarder, I also kept the tin.

The recipe I used today was from The Guardian UK. In a bit of a unexpected move I subscribed to the Guardian newspaper and now I get Brexit articles "spamming" my email inbox. Nevermind the news, I LOVE their recipes.

I also made a couple of mistakes, but cutting the recipe down by 5x was not one of them. Did I mention I go both ways in terms of Brit/American? I'm a transcontinental or transatlantic baker, too, which means I can switch between metric and imperial measurements like two competing mother tongues.

25g butter
200g castor sugar
50ml whole milk
70ml condensed milk

Stuff I did (differently):
  • Cut the recipe by five
  • Melt the butter, then throw everything in the pan by accident
  • Bring everything to 215C 
  • Then let it cool
  • Then put it back on the stove on low heat for 5 minutes
  • Then stir until it's thick and cooler
  • Pour everything in a greased sillicone loaf pan
  • Eat it while it's still hot (Yum. Yum.)

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