Monday, June 27, 2016

Handcrafted Felt Dolls

One of my latest hobbies has been handcrafting dolls. There are already been seven dolls at least, all sewn by hand, designed individually, and marked by their own unique quirks. They do get better with each attempt! Each doll takes about a week a complete - two days to sew and embroider the doll, and a much longer time to design the hair, clothes, shoes and accessories. My pattern is adapted from Nunodoll's "simple felt doll".
Within the next few weeks, I should be able to upload a video detailing the process of making the doll by hand and by sewing machine.

This darling was my second doll. Here she in a formal black dress.

Beeeeeeeg eyes!

 And here's her final outfit - dressed as a forest fairy named "Amethyst", she wears a wreath of jeweled flowers, as well as a bodice with a organza petal "tutu".
 This "Xiao Peng You" is a sweet East Asian girl with piercing green eyes. I've get to fix her ears properly and redo the yarn do. She was my first attempt and I  absolutely love the embroidered eyes and the dainty lips.

 Her best friend is a blue denim horse.
This dolly had red hair and is full of spunk. Above, she's dressed as "Anne of Green Gables". Below, she's a spunky modern girl in a pretty print dress. She has long spindly legs


She also dresses up as the incredible unbeatable Kimmy Schmidt.


Finally this is a young elfling, inspired by Arwen. Well, she is Arwen haha, with a shimmery grey cloak, sparkling blue eyes and a very elf-like gown. Perfect outfit for riding horses around the countryside and running from  Black Riders.

A new dolly is coming soon, and she's gorgeous!!! I can't wait. 

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